Saki-Achiga hen (TV END) – 82 points

Saki, instead of pushing through for the second season, decided on making some sort of spinoff side story about Nodoka’s pals in elementary, breaking their way through nationals. Let me go straight to the point: this spinoff is just nowhere near as fun as Saki was. The series isn’t done yet (3 more episodes to go) but so far all I can say is that while it’s been a really fun watch, I’d rather watch the Kiyosumi girls fight it out in the nationals. The first 6-8 episodes were all useless build-ups that go nowhere which really got frustrating.

The Achiga girls are as interesting as a plastic bag and Akado is a fucking terrible coach. Still they pulled it off really well towards the end as we finally witnessed the terror that is Miyanaga Teru. I swear, everything interesting about this series is the references to the original and the best characters are the ones not in Achiga. I was nowhere even rooting for Kuro in the Teru onslaught, nor was the creators since all the spotlight went to our brave hero, Toki from Senriyama. This series would be 10 times more interesting if it was Saki-Senriyama hen with Toki as our main lead. I swear, the way she fought towards the end, even to the point where she sacrificed herself so that other players will win, is amazing. Another notable character is “Subara”, who was a sacrificial pawn to the team, who really won my heart despite losing so badly in the Teru onslaught match. Maybe because she wasn’t all whiny-whiny like Kuro was.

Achiga-hen got the wrong main characters and wrong pacing, but they did get the focus correct. Maybe Studio Gokumi knew that the Achiga girls were boring as fuck and decided to rush everything so that we’d have 5 episodes of the ”good” bits. That’s some terrible storytelling but hey at least I didn’t get a bad aftertaste towards the end. Now air those 3 episodes already and announce season fucking 2!

Execution: 29/40 (Got everything wrong when it comes to storytelling but at least we got 5 really awesome episodes towards the end because of this.)

Engagement: 29/30 (Sports anime always gets me excited and Achiga is no exception despite all its faults. The last 5 episodes were full of adrenalin rush. )

Characters: 15.5/20 (Achiga girls are boring as fuck, Akado is a terrible coach but they do have amazing side characters which were pretty much the focus towards the end.)

Production: 8.5/10 (An upgrade from the original. Studio Gokumi got a lot of experience from A-Channel I guess.)

Overall: 82/100

Spring 2012 Week 8

Since I can’t motivate myself to blog a series, I decided to just make make short impressions on a daily basis. It’s less effort and I get to talk about all the shows I’m watching.

Ratings start from (-) which means terrible, until (++++++++) which is bombardastically amazing.

(It does feel like I’m copying someone else style but oh wellzz)

#1 Mysterious Grilfriend X – 08 : I thought the episode was going to be all about BOOBS but they added a little ear fetish too. While BOOBS in anime are always done so generically in anime, here in MGX, it’s used with honesty. Tsubaki telling Urabe everything he’s thinking about was just something you don’t see in anime often. The slapping segment near the end was just amazing too. – (+++++) Incredible

#2 Sakamichi no Apollon – 07 : Ahahaha I loved how everyone started dashing to the auditorium because of the power of music. And for a good reason since that concert scene was gorgeous! I’d say this is one of Apollon’s best episode to date. – (++++) Cool

#3 Hyouka – 05 : So our first major arc ended. I like the twist to the whole Sekitani Jun thing this episode which made a lot more sense than Houtaro’s theory last episode. The lame pun was kinda creepy in a way (which is good). The lengthy exposition style still bogs the character interactions a bit, but it really hits hard on the mystery side. – (++++) Cool

#4 The Legend of Korra – 07 : Well this isn’t anime but this is the only place I can talk about it so why not include it?!? If The Legend of Aang revolves on adventures, Korra revolves around politics. And boy was it really good and heavy this episode. Not as awesome as the last episode but they did make some really great twists. – (+++) Excellent

#5 Jormungand – 07 : That’s some damn fine writing there. Jormungand’s coolness isn’t just about BANG BANG BANG but also on how that BANG BANG BANG is done. Koko and the Chinese guy eats dinner while their subordinates kill each other to death. Some really cool fun shit, one of Jormungand’s better episodes. – (+++) Excellent

#6 Sankarea – 08 : Every Wanko scene really has to be a sexy one eh? Rea was adorable this episode; she really looks great with a ponytail. I realize now that with Rea’s strength, she’d fit well with the Armstrong family! Looking back though, the whole episode was just about Wanko taking a bath, Rea going shopping and another “kidnap Rea” plan by her dad, but the way it was directed hardly makes you realize this. – (+++) Excellent

#7 Aquarion EVOL – 21 : Oh god Brownka’s having so much fun with the whole Shrade X Cayenne schtick. The revelations this episode were the ones I’ve been waiting for since the show started (and has been hinted at since the first OP). One complaint though: The second OP keeps cracking me up, especially when used as an insert song. When you read it, you realize that AKINO’s been shouting “You’re so beautiful, it’s depressing!” at your face for episodes. – (+++) Excellent

#8 Fate/Zero – 21 : That Bike scene was seriously cool. I was just less amused at the other things happening; too much cool people drinking while watching other people suffer I guess . . . and oh god Rider’s countdown to death is coming, aaack!! – (+++) Excellent

#9 Tsuritama – 07 : I don’t really like it when guys slap girls in anime, particularly here in Tsuritama since Natsuki’s sister is such a sweet girl who just want her family to work. The drama and tension between Natsuki’s family is genuine though; still I prefer Tsuritama when it’s being fun (just like life). – (++) Great 

#10 Saki Achiga – 07 : These last two episodes have been pretty entertaining thanks to the director finally realizing that it’s time to actually concentrate on the matches. I’m still not warming up to these impostors but HEY, it looks like Stealth Momo will have a big role next week. – (++) Great