Onegai Senpai – 04

Not much to say really besides the continuation of what makes Ano Natsu really good. You could say that this episode was a bit of a down-time with nothing resolved between Kaito and Ichika though the next episode is what I would reckon, the real beginning of the premise of the series.


Kuroko!?!?!?!?!?!?! Oh god I never knew ToumaXKuroko doujins exist ┬ábut I guess Otakus would pair anyone with anything. I’m kinda grossed out of the thought that Kuroko might like someone other than Onee-sama. Or the fact that someone made a fanfic about it.

Is it the face of someone seeing her crush having a date with someone else or having shit like HOTD in the movies?

Onegai Sensei – Midnight Tutorial.