Nisemonogatari – 03

Nisemonogatari – 03

That awkward moment when you realized that Araragi was never in any danger.

I guess you could say third time’s the charm. Nisemonogatari’s third episode was almost perfect (the only flaw would be the abrupt ending) and there are many reasons to it being so.

1)      Senjougahara Fascination

Sometimes I really forget why I like Senjougahara. Yeah sure she’s witty, has a sharp toungue, and teases Araragi to no end, but I remember there’s more to it. This episode reminded me why. Somewhere between all this awesome twistedness lies a somewhat lovable character who you actually se developed. From that mysterious woman in episode 1, to the sly vixen who had a thing with Araragi, to her finally showing her feelings and now. She fucking smiled and- and BLUSHED! No way would this have happened in Bakemonogatari.

2)      That Awesome Moment

With in lieau to the Fascination movement, Bakemonogatari always manages to knack quite an awesome moment in its arcs. Whether it was the first flirty heavy dialogue between Senjougahara in Araragi in episode 3, the confession scene in episode 5 (the episode which coined the term Senjougahara Fascination), or the date episode, it always made up greatly for the somewhat long exposition ( kinda like a payoff). This episode had one too ( albeit not as big as the three I mentioned from Bakemonogatari) which is Araragi breaking those damn handcuffs. He might complain about his sisters but he still loves them. Then Senjougahara goes on saying that she’s not afraid of him even if he is a vampire. And then Araragi says, “that’s why I love you.” This couple is PERFECT for each other.

3)      SHAFT

NO this series would not be possible without SHAFT. I cannot imagine its long dialogues without the multitude scene switches SHAFT uses. Plus I wouldn’t like this series as much if it wasn’t for its artistry. Sure stuff like Utena and Penguindrum have meaning to every single art details they make, but SHAFT’s weirdness and uselessness in its art is. . . the reason why I love it in the first place. IT doesn’t hurt that it looks nice too. Besides they have their color scheme and gradients to a T (when the villain appeared this episode, everything was just black and red).

Also I would like to comment on how some people have compared Yuno with the likes of Senjougahara. Nah the resemblance is too far away. Senjougahara is not a stalker for one. She isn’t mentally unstable. Her actions have a lot more meaning (Yuno is really mentally unstable to the point where she even erases her memory). While Yuno is also a great character which Mirai Nikki worked hard on flourishing, she just shouldn’t be compared to the almighty Senjougahara!