Ahelo Enriquez has an Anime Blogger for a year (though the site’s history goes back a year earlier). He updates sporadically(like an earthquake) then recedes as if this blog is a desert.  He doesn’t nitpick an anime based on genre though he does have a big heart for High School Romances (especially on manga). His favorites are Bakemonogatari, Bamboo Blade, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Toradora an Crossgame in descending order. His favorite characters are from the sophisticated (Senjougahra Hitagi) to the basic of tropes (Misaka Mikoto). He started watching anime (no, I do not count only watching Naruto and Bleach to be the start of my Anime history) at 2007 with Bamboo Blade as hist first piece. Then he started digging on relatively terrible stuff like They are my Noble Masters and To Love Ru. Strangely he liked both, then Nabari no Ou came and he still ate it like crazy. Fall of 2008 came and that’s when he started watching a lot of series, ranging from Toradora to Kuroshitsuji.


Well if you need to contact me, email me at aheloenriquez@yahoo.com or you can just poke me at the Animesuki Forums (my name is the same).



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