Anohana – 04 Yuki-chan exposed

Menma’s been going to the gym lately

Our real hero, Yukiatsu, has been shamefully exposed this episode. We do not know how he will be treated by his co-busters but I’m pretty sure it’ll be handled well. It’s okay Yuki-chan, obsessing to the point of cross-dressing is totally normal. . . I think. From what I’ve learned from Hourou Musuko, Crossdressing is a hobby that shouldn’t be discriminated. Then again Nitori isn’t creepy or perverted. WAIT I’m defending Yukiatsu right?

Well, now that his barrier has been broken, what is next for or Hero? Finally accept the truth and become an Otaku or pretend that the barrier is still there and be a bitch in front of everyone? I’d choose the latter because that will make Yuki-chan more interesting.

I prefer Luigi over Mario but I don’t know about Mario Menma and Luigi Menma. Maybe I’ll play the 2-player but Luigi Menma is too burly.


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