What Caught My Eye This Winter Season

Fuck this Season.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

I only watched Spice and Wolf because of Horo and her flirting with Lawrence so I wasn’t particularly excited with Maoyuu and how it’s being compared with Spice and Wolf. After watching the premiere, I’m glad it won’t be anywhere near as boring as S&W and honestly, it’s one of the better offerings this season (though that doesn’t really stand much ground since this season sucks).


You know this season is terrible when “that really long titled series with a cute shortcut about something you’ve watched 100 times already” is something you’re actually looking forward to. The premiere wasn’t bad, though it definitely played out like a Wish Fulfillment thing for Unpopular Teenage Boys which I couldn’t really help but cringe. It’s a polished series but I don’t exactly like what it’s polishing. It would be nice if the series will just focus on some sort of love triangle but then the Opening Song kinda gives the true colors of this show. I’m tentatively positive about this but I’m also cautious.

Minami-ke Tadaima

Nope. I’m sorry. This fourth season just didn’t work for me. I don’t think the feeling of the original Minami-ke will ever come back but I at least wanted something funny.

Tamako Market

It’s KyoAni so it’s a much watch. DAT BIRD is hilarious and disgusting to watch at the same time though. This one’s definitely a keeper.


You know how there’s always that one show that will somehow surprise you every season. Kotoura-san was that. I thought it’d be some some same old 4-koma thing that we’ve been getting for quite a while but the first half of its premiere sure threw that out of the water. It was so melodramatic, overplayed, depressing, and obnoxious that it totally worked on me. The second half played like how I was expecting this series to play and it was admittedly really good, funny and heartwarming at the same time. Adding the utter depressing first half, Kotoura actually manages to have the best non-sequel premiere this season.


Even in SHAFT standards was this premiere fucking weird. I enjoyed it of course (SHAFT premieres always tend to look amazing) but I totally did not get the point.

And of course, after waiting 9 grueling months, we finally have the second season of . . .


This episode went straight into things and followed up last season’s finale quite well. Mizusawa finally has a number of members (thanks to Taichi’s good looks) but the troubles of the team still continue. Everyone has completely different priorities (except Chihaya who has everything as her priority) and most of the new members don’t care that much.


If you exclude Chihayafuru, this season really only has 4 things I’m genuinely interested in. One surprise, One Shaft, One KyoAni, and one Macroeconomics with jiggling tits. This is definitely disappointing especially since the past two Winter Seasons had amazing series.

Oh schwell, there’s still enough for me to survive for a few months. Plus there’s a plethora of amazing carryovers from last season. Survive these 3 months then it’s Titan Time.


3 thoughts on “What Caught My Eye This Winter Season

  1. I was totally going to pass on Kotoura-san and only ended up trying it out because of Akira praising it on Twitter. Like you, I was completely surprised at how different it was from what I expected, as well as pleased with the melodrama at the beginning of the episode. I loved that moment when the dark filter shatters into the brighter pastels halfway through.

    Going with your list, I’m also picking up MMY, Minami-ke, Tamako Market, and Chihayafuru. I still need to watch Sasami-san to determine how I feel about that.

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