Steins;Gate – 12

I’m shining my finger at you right now.

Well I finally have enough time to blog this episode of Steins;Gate.

To start things off, I would like to iterate what happened at the last few minutes of the episode:

  • Daru announces to Mayuri and Okabe that the trains stopped moving.
  • Once they go back to the lab, it’s announced in the TV that there is a bomb threat in Akihabara.
  • Part-time warrior started asking questions if they were still hacking into SERN.
  • Daru explains that they got a direct connection and the Part-time soldier starts acting weird.
  • Part-time soldier was about to tell them to leave, but stopped for some reason and went out.
  • Okabe sees that the hour glass isn’t moving.
  • Also, Mayuri’s watch stopped working.
  • A bunch of guys who tried to look like Hei bombarded the room, destroyed the television and pointed their guns at them.
  • Moeka appears with a very sexy outfit.
  • Moeka states that she only needed Kurisu, Okabe and Daru.
  • Whispering “For FB, For FB, For FB” she points the gun to Mayuri.
  • Moeka kills Mayuri.

After analyzing the scene, a lot of questions are raised, even more so than usual:

  • Who really is the Part-time warrior? Is she John Titor’s daughter, John Titor himself, or some random dude from the future?
  • Why didn’t she tell them to leave the room?
  • Did time suddenly stop? The television says it didn’t, but the hourglass and Mayuri’s watch did.
  • Why is Moeka working for SERN?
  • What the hell is FB?

So in the end I’m completely torn that Mayuri is dead, completely hating on Moeka and completely praising the show for such an awesome episode. I would say this even pumped me up for Steins;Gate than I already was. Before I watched this episode I really was thinking to myself, “Isn’t this the best fucking show this season?”. Anohana sneakingly got that award with the 92 that I gave it though. After watching this episode though, I went through a deep thinking process. First off, I’m admiring the show for having the balls to kill of a main character just like that. Sure the whole episode was leading to it but I was still really shocked it happened. Second, this show has a knack of creating an awesome atmosphere. I kept on repeating the last scene because of how awesome it was done. Third, the mystery keeps on getting bigger and bigger. I had big doubts on Moeka from the beginning and it looks like she was the SERN spy. Why is another question which just made her character even more mysterious. Part-time warrior keeps on getting more and more mysterious with the way she acted this episode. Also, why did the time stop in the last few minutes of the show? Actually did it even stop? I could keep going on and on about questioning Steins;Gate really.

After watching this episode, I could definitely say that this is shaping up to be the best anime this season. I can already imagine how epic it will become in the next few episodes. In a way I’m starting to like it a lot more than Nichijou and Anohana. Gahd Steins;Gate is turning me into a fanboy!

PS: If FB stands for Facebook I’m gonna kill myself.


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