Hey why isn’t there a Steins;Gate episode today?

Oh yeah. . . . it ended.








1. Who the hell says that Steins;Gate is just. . .DECENT?!!??!

2. Who the hell says that Steins;Gate characters weren’t that really good.

3. Who the hell likes BLOOD-C

4. Who the hell thinks that Usagi Drop is unambitious. DOH that wasn’t the point of the series.

5. Steins;Gate had a forced ending. UGH!

Lol feel free to guess who those blogs come from. I’m not naming names but 3/5 of those came from one guy (interestingly he’s the same guy who said Bakemonogatari had too much talking and dropped Toradora in Episode 1 because of Rie Kugimiya.).

Lol I’m such a bitch. (Steins;Gatefag, Usagidropfag, bitchtothosethathaveotheropinionsthanhimjustkidding)

Steins;Gate (END) – 94 points

If you were like (huhuhuhu) when Homura kept on going back in time, you should see how Okarin does it.

Where to begin, where to begin. . .

For starters, I’d like to talk about the plot. It’s Steins;Gate’s biggest appeal. You get some sort of slow introduction to the world of time travel, feeling a sense of “oh shit something bad’s gonna happen” as you go on, and when it hits you, it’s like BAMM! Its multi-layered, plots-between-plots and all. Some scenes that didn’t make sense the first time, gives you the goosebumps when you rewatch it now. Now the turning point of the series is episode 12. It suddenly turns from “oh shit something’s gonna happen” vibe to “OMG WHAT THE HELL’S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT. WHY CAN’T TUESDAY COME ANY FASTER. ARRRRGGHHHH”. The “save Mayuri” plot had its up and downs but again, awesome plot. They completely re-engineered the first half of the series in the second half. After a while though, when you somehow feel safe of the plot, you suddenly feel like “wait oh-shit how the hell are they gonna reengineer that?”. I’m talkin’bout Moeka and Kurisu. Moeka’s reengineer arc was absolute horror, it still gives me goosebumps when I think about it. Kurisu’s, you justdon’t know what the hell’s gonna happen. Then we get a “confession followed by kiss” scene just so we can cry when she’s gone. Then more PLOT with Suzuha coming back. The “save Kurisu” 2 episode arc is an absolute breakthrough to watch.

So plot aside (lolwut), where does Steins;Gate stand? Still pretty high I see. The characters are an absolute fun. From Okabe going “Mad Scientisttto” to Kurisu going all tsundere, to Mayushiii being all nice and genki, to Daru being annoying Daru. . . sometimes you’d wish they make an SoL out of this. Production-wise, its kinda obvious to see that Steins;Gate doesn’t have the biggest budget, but how that limited budget was used is another topic. They really know how to balance the animation, nothing technically looks bad at all. It helps that most episodes have a grimdark feel, but there’s really some strong direction in that area. OST is pretty good, a lot of BG music are memorable aspecially the sad moment ones.

Okay I feel stupid already writing about this, so I guess its time to grade this. . .

Execution: 38/40 (Some of the best direction I have ever seen.)

Engagement: 28/30 (When your mindset is “WHEN THE HELL WILL TUESDAY COME?!?!!?!?, I think its pretty engaging)

Characters: 20/20 (Some of the most fun and dynamic I’ve ever seen)

Production Values: 8/10 (Not exactly high-class material, but its used very wisely)

Rating: 94/100 (Rec. List material)

Steins;Gate – 24 (END)


Okay time for the tears to flow. Why has this anime ended?!?!!??! huhuhuhu.

Concerning this episode, I love how simple the solution was. Just fake the blood. Though I got pretty scared when Okabe got stabbed, his death was not meant to be, yet. The ending gives this feeling of closure, not as strong as Madoka Magica’s, which is pretty complete in my opinion. Also, Kurisu is just DAWWWWWW. Now, its time to rewatch this.

Rating:♥♥♥♥♥ (It has ended huhuhuhuhu)

It’s not alpha, not beta, but STEINS;GATE!

Now how the hell is that gonna happen?

1 more episode left and I’m about to cry. And it doesn’t help that this episode is so amazing. It completely on how the plot revelations were so well together, I could not find a plot hole. Not that I was looking for that, but this is what I want from my animu. A story that’s planned from beginning to end, no making stuff up along the way *wink wink Ao no Exorcist*. This is why I also like Madoka Magica so much.

Also, I can’t believe how I did not see that plot twist with who killed Kurisu. Everyone was so hell bent including C/SERN in that none of realize realize it was just his dad. Now let me here an “AWESOME PLOT DAMMNIT”.

Rewatch Episode 1 again. I for one will rewatch everything once this ends. Might’ve missed a few details here and then.

El Psy Congroo.

. . . Why is this anime ending huhuhuhu.

Rating:♥♥♥♥♥ (Perfect huhuhu. Maybe I’ll add one more heart next episode even though the limit is 5 hearts)


Steins;Gate – 22

KURISUUUUU ;_________;. So her “ending” ends up with her disappearing with only Okabe remembering her. Madokavibes?

But we do get to see them kiss … a lot so repayment? Awww Okarin really did love Kurisu.

You’d think this was a good ending already, the credits just go-

WTF???? Oh god more plot twists??

Anyway I’d concentrate on what technically happened this episode, and I’m dawwing like crazy. Kurisu ;__________; you will not be forgotten

Rating:♥♥♥♥♥ (PERFECT. Kurisu ;_____;)