Kamisama Dolls – 05

Wow. That’s brutal.

Kamisama Dolls continues its awesome solid streak of episodes. Its properly paced, knows when to use suspense, down scenes, and action in one episode which so far almost all the episodes have. Its jammed-pack and full of fun and its really turning from something I like to something that I “love”.

Also again, it seems that only the first episode had wonky animation. I mean I guess the character models are a bit off sometimes but it never looks bad. I would say this series knows how to use its short budget; something Steins;Gate also utilizes. Wow, and both series air on the same day.

Well it definitely looks like Hibino will be the Seki to control Amaterasu, as hinted by the OP. There’s still characters yet to be introduced so I’m really excited for what happens next. Also the village gave me creepy Hinamizawa vibes.


One thought on “Kamisama Dolls – 05

  1. One of the favorites this season, but the pacing is not always right. Sometimes it feels rushed, especially episode 4. I checked how the scanlations stand, and the traveling home was in the 13th chapter, and it even runs in a monthly anthology. They crammed the first two volumes in four episodes, that is not proper pacing. I have yet to read it to see how different they are.

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