Kamisama Dolls (END) – 86 points

Two really good anime this season ended terribly. One is Ao no Exorcist with its “Let’s not plan and just create stuff along the way” attitude and the other anime is Kamisama Dolls. The last episode wasn’t terrible per se, but it s like an arc ending rather than the series as a whole. It would be perfect if it will get a second season but for now, I’d say that was way too much of a teaser.

And with its ending, it feels like the series hasn’t scratched its main points yet. You’d think they have some awesome ending planned after sensei’s episode, but when they introduced Mahiru (I do like Mahiru though, as screwed up as she is)  you just knew this wasn’t going to end well.

But enough about its bad parts, let’s get to the stuff I did like. . . which is a lot. Firstly, the story. It gives off some sort of Higurashi-vibe, though none have been technically that freaky, the mysterious aura of the series is really vibrant. It also helps that it tells its story very well. The series is a very “showy”one. Its like the opposite of Index. When they want to explain something, they put a back story. When they want to show an important plot point they flaunt it to the screen. This is really where KamiDolls excel.

The characters, while not as developed as one would hope, are a pretty good bunch. My favorites would probably be Aki, Kuuko, and Mahiru. I guess I do love sadistic characters, but these three have their own personal quirks. Aki is crazy outside but not as much inside, Kuuko’s passion drives her to craziness, and Mahiru’s kinda screwed up overall.

Production values aren’t exactly the best but at least the fight scenes never look bad. The OP rocks, as well as the ED, and the soundtrack really fits the series’ theme.

Well Rating time!


Execution: 36/40 (Best trait)

Engagement: 26/30 (I was pretty engaged all throughout)

Characters: 17/20 (Pretty boring main characters, awesome side characters)

Production: 7/10 (Not exactly the best but it never looks DERPY bad.)

Overall: 86/100

Kamisama Dolls – 07

AKIIIIIIII!!! ;____;

Oh god I’m such a sucker for flashbacks. But lol the teacher was kind of a slut. Still though, that was just an awesome Aki revelation. I definitely teared up with matching AWWWWW when watching this episode. STEP IT UP Kamisama Dolls!

*I did drop blogging this though so don’t expect me blogging the next episode unless its unimaginably awesome like this one.

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ (IN LOVE)

Kamisama Dolls – 05

Wow. That’s brutal.

Kamisama Dolls continues its awesome solid streak of episodes. Its properly paced, knows when to use suspense, down scenes, and action in one episode which so far almost all the episodes have. Its jammed-pack and full of fun and its really turning from something I like to something that I “love”.

Also again, it seems that only the first episode had wonky animation. I mean I guess the character models are a bit off sometimes but it never looks bad. I would say this series knows how to use its short budget; something Steins;Gate also utilizes. Wow, and both series air on the same day.

Well it definitely looks like Hibino will be the Seki to control Amaterasu, as hinted by the OP. There’s still characters yet to be introduced so I’m really excited for what happens next. Also the village gave me creepy Hinamizawa vibes.

Kamisama Dolls – 04

Kuuko’s awesome

I think Kamisama dolls suffer from “Side characters are a lot more interesting” syndrome. Aki’s already fucking epic but now we have Kuuko, who’s almost blushing of excitement about the”scarecrows”. She’s an awesome character. Well I guess Utao does deliver the occassional moe. Plot-wise, this episode even puts more depth and interesting-ness to the plot. Oh god what if next episode we discover the vilage’s cloning or something.

Oh yeah if I haven’t mentioned it, I LOVE KAMISAMA DOLLS.

PS. I don’t think the animation is THAT bad. Sure it isn’t Brains Base’ best but it doesn’t look horrendous as people are mentioning. One thing it does have is a more vibrant palette. I guess if one has a tight budget, things can look better with colors.

Kamisama Dolls – 03

Oh god I love her

Well this was quite an excellent episode of Kamisama Dolls. I’m definitely blogging this; I could just see how interesting it will get. It really really feels like everyone’s hiding something. It’s like there’s some sort of conspiracy going on. I just love these kinds of anime. Also the characters aren’t half bad. The crazy girl that calls her dad by his name is awesome; Utao is KAWAII!!

Also Aki doesn’t look as evil as I think he is. Well it looks like he’ll team up with crazy girl which will turn into. . . what? There’s still a lot to be revealed like the rivalries, the shrine, the village. . . it just feels so. . . intriguing? Anyway I’m really loving so far what this series has to offer.