Steins;Gate 18 – “But there are some clouds.”

The world would be boring of Okabe wasn’t a mad scientist

HAHAHAHA LOL EPISODE. Even though its one of the less serious Steins;Gate episodes, it was still really fun. I’m still lolíng in the date where Okabe started making weird sounds and “but there are some clouds” comment. Also included was Kurisu’s new nickname. American Virgin HAHAHAHA.

Back to the plot, it seems that Ruka destroyed the IBN 5100 accidentally. Though I don’t get that if she turned into a guy she wouldn’t destroy it?!?!!? But I do get the concept. Now here’s the real issue. Next up in the D-mail erasing list is Shining finger/aka thebitchthatkilledmayuricountlesstimesfukyoufukyou. That’ll be fun.


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