Hanasaku Iroha – 26

Who wants this as a wallpaper?

So Hanairo ended in a highly reflective note, where everything is neatly placed and leaves everyone pretty much satisfied.

So Kou becomes Ohana’s boyfriend, Enishing decides to close Kissuiso, everyone leaves peacefully in hope they will return someday, and me crying on how the hell they managed to do that smoothly creating an ending that says “IT ALL ENDS THIS EPISODES. NO GUYS THERE’S NO EPISODE 27.” Okami-san’s face says it all.

Sure they might come a sequel, but knowing PA Works, they don’t have enough time for that. Now all I’m left is on what they’re next project will be. Out of all 4 anime they produced, I think its safe to say this is their best. I should’ve liked true tears but I didn’t, CAANAN had great action but terrible writing, Angel Beats was highly addictive but terribly muddles, and this. . . well I’ll leave it to the review.



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