Hanasaku Iroha (END) – 90 points

Takako looks terrible no matter which angle you put her.

Hanasaku Iroha is the first 26-episode anime that I blogged, and while some of my post about this were a bunch of one-liners, I really had a great time with this series.

Being the 10th anniversary project of PA Works, we almost already assumed that quality is ensured. The first two episodes of Hanairo were truly breath taking. There’s that unique concept of working in an inn, and the hardships of working really showed. As Episode 3 was aired, the synchronized praise for this series splitted. There was a schism. From a highly reflective anime that we saw in the first two episodes, it became some slapstick reality TV Korean Morning Drama (lolwut) that had no idea what its theme was. While people (me included) had some problems with it, the anime somehow grew on me. It became an anime I highly anticipated every week. Each episode, I wanted to see Ohana’s antics, the problems Kissuiso will face, the large cast’s beautiful characterization, and with so many things it did well, it really just. . . swallowed me I guess.

By the end of Ohana to Tokyo arc, I was just mesmerized by this series. It almost did everything already. I even got goosebumps on how good it was on some episodes. So yeah I was really happy with this series — until the second half came.

No, the second half wasn’t bad. Frankly it maintained the quality I was hoping it would do. But these two characters really ruined things, no matter how good the characterization of each character was. TAKAKO AND FUCKING ENISHING. No offense but I could really care less about those two dimwits. When it was their turn in the spotlight, I guess I couldn’t help but sighed. And they even went as far as to fucking getting married. Don’t get me wrong, everything was nicely done, its just that those two were really annoying.

Besides Takako and ENISHING, the characterization is one of Hanasaku Iroha’s big appeals. Ohana is the most three dimensional character I’ve ever seen in anime, most of the other characters as well. They aren’t one sided nor do they land in certain anime tropes (not that anime tropes are bad but). The interaction between the characters is very flowwy; it never feels forced. There’s also Okami-san, who by the end of this series, had the best development in the series. It was really Dawwww inducing when she said to Ohana that she didn’t want to ruin everyone’s dreams just for her own sake. This is just my gist on the characters.

Being PA Works 10th anniversary project, this is probably their most beautiful work to date (aesthetics-wise). I mean the backgrounds are fucking visual porn, animation is always fluid, and there’s always that air of “OH MY GOD I’VE NEVER SEEN SOMETHING LOOK AS GOOD AS THIS”. It really comes to a point where it beats out its real world counterpart. That’s how good Hanairo’s production is.

So where does this stand from PA Works 4 fully produced anime. I’d say its the best. While there’s some heavy quality control needed at the writing (especially in the middle episodes), Hanasaku Iroha is their most balanced anime (besides true tears, but I never really liked that anime) to date. Also, where does this stand in my favourites? Nah, its not close to my top 3 so far (S;G, Madoka, Nichijou) but in itself, its a really good anime that I would love to recommend to anyone who wants a highly reflective Slice-of-Life series.


Execution: 35/40 (Besides some writing flaws in the middle episodes, Hanairo pulls itself quite well.)

Engagement: 26/30 (My first 2-cour anime blogged. Its quite an experience, and I must say I was never bored writing about this)

Characters: 9/10 (No one-dimensional character, a large but highly memorable cast, Ohana and Okami-san are really great characters)

Production: 10/10 (Simply mesmerizing)

Overall: 90/100 (Somehow it achieved legendary status)

Hanasaku Iroha – 26

Who wants this as a wallpaper?

So Hanairo ended in a highly reflective note, where everything is neatly placed and leaves everyone pretty much satisfied.

So Kou becomes Ohana’s boyfriend, Enishing decides to close Kissuiso, everyone leaves peacefully in hope they will return someday, and me crying on how the hell they managed to do that smoothly creating an ending that says “IT ALL ENDS THIS EPISODES. NO GUYS THERE’S NO EPISODE 27.” Okami-san’s face says it all.

Sure they might come a sequel, but knowing PA Works, they don’t have enough time for that. Now all I’m left is on what they’re next project will be. Out of all 4 anime they produced, I think its safe to say this is their best. I should’ve liked true tears but I didn’t, CAANAN had great action but terrible writing, Angel Beats was highly addictive but terribly muddles, and this. . . well I’ll leave it to the review.


We are Shijima Warriors

We are, we are,

Shijima shi- WARRIORS

Shijima Daughter: Shijima-shijima-shi-shishi-shijima!

Shijima Mother: We are we are! 

Shijima Grandma: WARRIORS! HUT!! WARRIORS!! HUT!!!






(Find your own tune to the We are Shijima Warriors song)

Hanasaku Iroha – 25

Cast together + Overlooking Bonbori + Godly Chants = Jizz

Lol this episode was so all over the place, but at the same time it showed what Hanairo is. Seeing everyone so frantic and panicking, the fast-paced problems that keep on arising, I love the tension this series creates.

Though its a bit of a downer no one tries to listen and understand Grandma. She’s so NICE!!!! You’re all such bitches!


Hanasaku Iroha – 24

This might raise her chances in winning another round in Saimoe.

Well that was even better than the episode before it. Hanairo is really churning up a good last hurrah before it end. Okami-san is so DAWWWWW. Even I thought she was being selfish before with Satsuki and Enishing, but for her to admit it, it almost broke my heart. Also I love it when the workers in Kissuisso started standing up to Okami, telling her that its not just her inn anymore.

Rating:♥♥♥♥♥ (Too many five-hearts lately Part II)

Hanasaku Iroha – 23

Is that an awesome episode I see?

This episode is win. I guess the best episodes of the series is when Ohana isn’t in Tokyo. Haha that made me smile a little. It kinda made me imagine a “what if Hanairo was set in Tokyo itself”. Though I realize that wouldn’t work because then episodes like this wouldn’t be especially good. At least Kou wasn’t a pussy this time, I think. . . Wait for one more episode maybe he’ll turn into one again.

Also that video of Kissuiso was awesome. I laughed when Yuina suddenly appeared then Tomoe being all shy after Ohana’s interview.


I can’t believe this, Ao no Exorcist, Nichijou and Steins;Gate are ending in a few weeks. I’m on the verge to tears.

Hanasaku Iroha – 22


Well Hanairo finally arose from its continuous bad episode streak. This one was pretty good; Minchi finally stopped being annoying, Takako and Enshing’s wedding was pretty cute, and Tohru didn’t get on my nerves as much as I thought he would (though he’s crushing on a 16-year old?).

They’re finally attacking the good points too with Ohana declaring to rape-I mean follow her crush (lately since watching Ping Drum, both mean  the same thing). But whoopdedoo, Grandma decides to close the shop after Bonbori. 4 more episodes til the closing, god I hope shitstorms would happen.