Nichijou (END) – 95 points

No more “Everyday Life” for me?!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

 Nichijou, probably my favorite anime this season, is about 1) the lives of this three high school students, 2) the life of a robot and 3) some random stories in between. It’s a no-brainer that there’s no plot with this thing and it really just serves as comedy, but the thing is, this is what this series does best. It delivers the utmost, unbreathable, almost neck breakingly hilarious comedy I’ve ever seen. The way it execute its comedy is very unique, with all the different experiments it goes through. Even the non-chokable scenes manages to at least make you smile of some sort. This is the Nichijou that I fell in love with since Episode 1 and it consistently delivered til the end.

There were some people who were frankly disappointed with how Nichijou’s animation studio, Kyoto Animation, keeps animating useless Slice of Life stuff like this. While I thoroughly love their stuff like Lucky Star and Haruhi, even I kept on wondering how maybe the studio is just wasting their talent on Slice of Life shows that need not extravagant animation. But I think I stopped wondering when Nichijou came into the scene. It showed almost all of Kyoto Animation’s potential, with some of the most breathtakingly gorgeous, to absolutely experimental animation being induced in this series. Its clean, top-notch, and very creative. Exactly like Nichijou.

There’s not much I can say to this series that I’ve already said in the past. I just wanna say, NANO WAS SO DAWWWW IN THE LAST EPISODE. She kept her fuckin’ screw!!

Best Episodes: Episode 16 (Mio wrestling), Episode 14 (Nano goes to school), Episode 17 (Crow Episode), and Episode 6 (Deer Wrestling)

Best Skits (redundant?)

1) Mio attempting on bringer her doujin when Yuuko, a police officer, and a goat interfere (Episode 16)

2) Yuuko seeing the principal wrestle a deer (Episode 6)

3) Gundere Misato’s biggest open fire to Sasahara (Episode 8)

4) Mai, Yuuko and Mio going into the shrine as the rain pours (Episode 19)

5) Takasaki-sensei thinking Sakurai-sensei has a boyfriend (Episode 15)


Execution: 38/40 (Comedy heavily relies on this, and Nichijou did it almost perfectly)

Engagement: 29/30 (Favourite Anime this Spring, CHECK!)

Characters: 18/20 (I love everybody’s little quirks, even those random side characters. Hakase is so freakin ADORABLE!!!! Besides Hakase, my other favorite character is none other than the closet fujoshi Mio, who probably delivered the best skits in the series.)


Rating: 95/100 (For me, this is one of the best anime this year so far, alongside Steins;Gate and Madoka)


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