Ben-to makes me hungry.

There’s a lot of things going on for Ben-to which make me really like it.

1. For such a stupid premise, why am I so hooked into the plot? I love the absurdity of everyone fighting for overpriced meals, and the serious air around the plot is so hilarious but at the same time intriguing.

2. This is what you would call an action series. Sure its comedy first and foremost, but the fighting scenes, while lacking in budget, are well choreographed and have me pumped up all the time. The camera-work is lovely, so is the directional quirks.

3. Its funny. Its very absurd but there’s a lot of wittiness put in through the┬áhumor. Its kinda like a mixture of Level-E’s cleverness and Bakatest’s stupidity. Sure I don’t think its as funny as those two but it brings something new to the table.