SaiMadoka Final is today

Red Ranger VS. Yellow Ranger

Kyouko and Mami interacted for a good 15-20 seconds in Madoka Magica (When Mami killed her in some timeline). Kyouko has a total of 6 episodes as a main character, Mami with 3. Kyouko and Mami aren’t DFCs or Lolis; especially Mami who’s well-endowed. Also the first time a SHAFTanimu was successful in the tournament.


Puella Magi Madoka Magica (END) 97 points

Don’t forget

Always, somewhere,

someone is fighting for you

As long as you remember her

You are not alone,

This is Puella Magi Madoka Magica,

The greatest show ever made.

I did not see this coming. I did not see that they can outdo episode 10. I did not see that this series could reach epic proportions. I did not see this will become a show to be remembered in Anime history. Madoka is with us, sacrificed her life for us, and gave hope for us to the future. The ending was so bittersweet, I really was both happy and sad at the same time. Thank you SHAFT, for producing one of the greatest series ever told. The Mahou Shoujo genre will now be taken more seriously than ever before. This is a new way of iterating hope being given. I say everyone who has not watch this show, WATCH IT.

From a slow start, very intriguing middle, increasing in epicosity episode, per episode, seeing the anguish of Homura, and finally witnessing Madoka stand up and become God, Puella Magi Madoka Magica has become a series etched into my heart forever. It gave me everything I wanted for a story and it never failed to deliver. My words are not enough to express my love for this series. PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY OF ANIME.

Realistically speaking, this was already inserted into one of the best anime I have ever watched, but that ending pushed it to greater heights. I mean seriously how epic can a series get? Also it didn’t end up annoying like Evangelion so I’m happy for that. QB, while still as evil as ever, has join forces with Homura to defeat demons and Homura started having Madoka’s power, a really good epilogue for me. I have no complaints whatsoever so I’ll just plaster some rating here so I can go back fagging about the ending.

PS. No one believed me that Madoka was gonna become God but HAHAHAHA I WAS RIGHT. Look at my previous posts in Madoka. . . I really did predict it!

Rational Rating:

Plot: 50/50 (Give it to Madoka already. One of the greatest story ever told.)

Characters: 19/20 (I was a bit scared at first that the characters were bland but they really fleshed everyone out, especially Homura.)

Production: 19/20 (It’s SHAFT so it’s awesome.)

Overall Feel: 9/10 (Rewatching it, it’s not as perfect at it seems, but dammnit everyone watch this.)

Verdict: 97/100 (A+, the rational rating does not justify the awesomeness of this show.)

Madoka Gretchen

Madoka is apparently Gretchen from Faust when she turns into a witch. Oh no no no no no. Walpurgisnacht also happens on May 1. I think SHAFT is purposely postponing the series until May 1 so that its COOL.

Well no Madoka Fridays for me (I have to watch it on subs so Friday not Thursday) for a longlonglong time. There is the Madoka wiki which will hurt your eyes reading. THey tried to explain the Witch-Mahou Shoujo-Human food chain and. . . how geeky can people get. There was a cute pyramid triangle in the beginning and then they started putting numbers and graphs. . . I just laughed. Will anyone even read this?

(I’m gonna put another Uncurrency Anime soon and maybe/ just maybe a full review on Pokemon. And Index II if that even aired.)




Apparently she’ll suck every single organism on earth and put it to “heaven”. Oh god if Madoka does become a witch again and Homura screws up…. Do we get an Eva ending??!?!??!


When is the next episode coming out anyway? Right now its getting confusing. . .

What happened to my Madoka?

Well I’m still waiting. Wonder when the subs will come out. Oh its postponed for two weeks.  Sigh.

I heard SHAFT is now having a hard time animating Madoka because of lack of time. PLEASE DO NOT LET IT TURN INTO AN EVA.

Popularity-wise though it might just reach EVA status. Note “might”.