Yamakan is an attention whore

From ANN

First of all no one gave a fuck about your anime.

Second of all if no one gave a fuck about your anime, what more of the manga?

Even the mangaka admits Fractal sucks.

I liked you more in the Kannagi days when I still rooted for you.

PS. In other news, Nichijou did horrible in DVD/BD sales. It’s as low as Fractal which is really sad. ūüė¶



Puella Magi Tutturu Magica


Well we are in officially in the meat of Steins;Gate and I can only see it get better and better. Some scenes to point out:

  • Why did Part-time Soldier go out then come back in again? Did she miscalculate her judgement on Kurisu or something? If the answer to this is MK (Makise Kurisu;Moeka Kiryuu) then I’ll have to facepalm, though in Part time-soldier’s defense, she never really knew Shining finger.
  • Tutturu’s watch stops when she’s about to die. I’m really inclined to believe that SERN stops time or something.
  • Feyris hasn’t shown up yet. I think she’s a key character because Mayuri did go to her but in the third try she didn’t meet Feyris, I think.
  • Looking at the train scene (very School Days-i end), someone tripped the little kid to tripping Mayuri. I thought subways in Japan have glasses so no one can fall but I guess I’m wrong.
  • It would seem that Mayuri’s fate is to die and I guess more explanation is needed on this part

Well this episode was awesome. Mayuri and Okabe’s relationship really shown through this episode and the hostage-reasoning was very dawww-ish. STEINS;GATE STOP KILLING MAYURI DAMMNIT. YOU’RE BULLYING HER JUST LIKE HOW KYUUBEY BULLIED EVERY PUELLA MAGI.

Also I guess Kyuubey’s equivalent in Steins;Gate is the whole SERN. Kyuubey’s been doing it though since we were neanderthals so he kinda gets more plus for awesome villainy. Plus while SERN has a sexy lady as their face, Kyuubey is in a form of a cute animal and is ten times more trollish. So for villainy, Madoka Magica still has it lol. I do like Mayuri and Okabe’s relationship more than Madoka and Homura’s though.


Steins;Gate – 12

I’m shining my finger at you right now.

Well I finally have enough time to blog this episode of Steins;Gate.

To start things off, I would like to iterate what happened at the last few minutes of the episode:

  • Daru announces to Mayuri and Okabe that the trains stopped moving.
  • Once they go back to the lab, it’s announced in the TV that there is a bomb threat in Akihabara.
  • Part-time warrior started asking questions if they were still hacking into SERN.
  • Daru explains that they got a direct connection and the Part-time soldier starts acting weird.
  • Part-time soldier was about to tell them to leave, but stopped for some reason and went out.
  • Okabe sees that the hour glass isn’t moving.
  • Also, Mayuri’s watch stopped working.
  • A bunch of guys who tried to look like Hei bombarded the room, destroyed the television and pointed their guns at them.
  • Moeka appears with a very sexy outfit.
  • Moeka states that she only needed Kurisu, Okabe and Daru.
  • Whispering “For FB, For FB, For FB” she points the gun to Mayuri.
  • Moeka kills Mayuri.

After analyzing the scene, a lot of questions are raised, even more so than usual:

  • Who really is the Part-time warrior? Is she John Titor’s daughter, John Titor himself, or some random dude from the future?
  • Why didn’t she tell them to leave the room?
  • Did time suddenly stop? The television says it didn’t, but the hourglass and Mayuri’s watch did.
  • Why is Moeka working for SERN?
  • What the hell is FB?

So in the end I’m completely torn that Mayuri is dead, completely hating on Moeka and completely praising the show for such an awesome episode. I would say this even pumped me up for Steins;Gate than I already was. Before I watched this episode I really was thinking to myself, “Isn’t this the best fucking show this season?”. Anohana sneakingly got that award with the 92 that I gave it though. After watching this episode though, I went through a deep thinking process. First off, I’m admiring the show for having the balls to kill of a main character just like that.¬†Sure the whole episode was leading to it but I was still really shocked it happened. Second, this show has a knack of creating an awesome¬†atmosphere. I kept on repeating the last scene because of how awesome it was done. Third, the mystery keeps on getting bigger and bigger. I had big doubts on Moeka from the beginning and it looks like she was the SERN spy. Why is another question which just made her character even more mysterious. Part-time warrior keeps on getting more and more mysterious with the way she acted this episode. Also, why did the time stop in the last few minutes of the show? Actually did it even stop? I could keep going on and on about questioning Steins;Gate really.

After watching this episode, I could definitely say that this is shaping up to be the best anime this season. I can already imagine how epic it will become in the next few episodes. In a way I’m starting to like it a lot more than Nichijou and Anohana. Gahd Steins;Gate is turning me into a fanboy!

PS: If FB stands for Facebook I’m gonna kill myself.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (END) 81 points

C: The series with the name that is really confusing

Well it’s very hard to write about this show. I’m not sure what to concentrate on in talking about this. I can go on and on in saying how bad it is but at the same time I there’s a lot in here for me to like. One thing to say though, is that I never got into it. The premise is cool and all but it kind of failed to go into the darkness that I envisioned it to be. Also it never became the hyped up series I expected it to be. Not to say it’s bad, because it’s a very likable series.

For execution, the series has its strengths and faults. The series knows what its doing. It knows what direction to go. It’s well planned. It started out with introductory episodes for the audience to get into the setting of the series, which is the Financial district. Then it went to a string of battles, string of explanations, string of views that really make you think. As the series goes further, it tackles the climax of the story wherein C is going to hit Japan. It definitely ended with quite a bang and a satisfying conclusion. This is the good parts of C. The bad parts is on how I cannot really divulge myself into it. I was NOT into it. The series failed to take me in. I would say the lack of character development helped this. Then again, the series had an abundance of character development so it’s hard to just pin it on that. Maybe it’s the character attachment; I definitely was not attached to anyone of them, I could have cared less if any of them died. Also one could say the series is rushed. It’s well planned but when executed, it somehow goes on a fast forward pace. It’s hard to catch on to the series sometimes.

As I explained earlier, I wasn’t very ¬†into the series. It has this lack of engagement that I want from my animu. I am into the series, but for what the series is worth and its stature, I’m quite surprise that I wasn’t into it as much as I would hope to. This is the big gist of why C isn’t an amazing series for me.

For Production values, the series is also a mixed-bag. It has a lot of experimental animation (comparable to SHAFT) and a lot of artistic styles. Usually this would be enough for me to like the series but it also has intrusive CG. I hate CG when it’s not seamlessly done. Also the animation is pretty bad, the farther shots of the characters look distorted. It’s like the animators didn’t have a character model sheet or something. The music is also kind of a waste. It’s really nice (done by the guy who also did the music in Gurren Laggan and SOUL EATER) and cool but none of it really went into my head.

I guess all in all, the series is a mixed-bag. There’s a lot to like for the series to be called good, but it stops reaching the level of amazing because of it’s faults.

Execution: 35/40

Engagement: 23/30

Characters: 16/20

Production Values: 7/10 



(will put a Saten/Uiharu picture later)((I have a new system of grading…again))


Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-Tachi wa Mada Shiranai (END) 92 points

I bet you’ll click the post only because this picture is pretty.

First and foremost, I must comment on how long the name of this anime is. I had to copy-paste the name from MAL.

Well here goes nothing:

The story is about a group of friends who have grown apart, years after the death of their comrade, Menma. One hot summer day though, Menma appears in Jintan’s, our protagonist’s, house. Menma has a wish which Jintan and the Super Peace Busters (the name of their group of friends) will gather back together in their base and fulfill it. I guess that’s the gist of the story. The whole series revolves around Menma wanting her wish to come true. The thing is though with a series like this, there are a lot of things that can be tackled thus would perfectly fit into a 2-cour but since the series is shown on the Noitamina timeslot, the series is One-cour, 11 episodes at that. Of course I would think this is horrible and too short for a series of this stature. Near the end of this series, I almost thought that it would fail to deliver a satisfying. Of course I was heavily mistaken with the last episode concluding the series satisfyingly. I would like to commend it’s execution in telling it’s story for that. Anohana almost never felt cramped and is almost always near perfect.¬†A little gem, this series definitely is.



Each character is developed with ease. The series made them very relatable (Yukiatsu and Anaru for example). I think a way to describe the characters is that they are. . . human. They have strengths, weaknesses and faults which makes them who they are. Yukiatsu is a role-model type of person in the outside but is really suffering inside, Anaru is your average high-school girl that almost always go with the flow, Tsuruko is the Calm type that hides everything perfectly, Poppo is the happy-go-lucky type and Jintan is your average joe that became a shut-in. You’d think it’s a bit cliche but by putting so much meat into their character, and how they¬†evolved¬†and release the things they have bottled up inside, that thought is completely erased. At the same time though, their personality never changes. They don’t become someone else.



The drama in this series is excellent. it never feels forced and I’m always drawn in the series because of it. The light-ness of the series also drags me in. The series is down to earth which is what I really love about it.



For production values, this series is consistent. Though it’s not like it’s hard to animate a slice-of life series anyway. The music is soothing and a standout. The songs chosen for the OP and ED, especially the ED, is excellent. Not much to say really, it’s your above-average animated series with awesome OST.





(I’ll put a birbiri picture here to show how much I like this series; Biribiri approved!)

PS: I would also like to mention how awesome a character Yukiatsu, Yuki-chan, is. GOD I LOVE HIM.

Anohana – 11 (END)

“We still do not know the name of the flower we saw that day.”

Well the anime of the season, for me at least, has ended with quite a satisfying conclusion. Unlimited Tears was delivered (Not Clannad level but still good enough) and I’m glad the series ended peacefully. The thing that was bugging me the past few episodes was that things were getting too dramatic and the Slice-of-Life this series boasted was disappearing a bit, but I’m glad it didn’t. You know how everyone gets all sad then someone suddenly does something funny then everyone laughs? I really liked that scene where Anaru’s eyelashes fell, because at least I know they’re still human and not some crying robots.

Of course getting back to the drama, boy this episode sure delivered. Everyone let their feelings that are being bottled, out. This is the same for me, sometimes I just need to shout. There IS A LOT of shouting this episode. Who would’ve thought that Menma’s wish was to make Jintan cry? That caught me off guard because it really made a lot of sense. The hide-and-seek scene was just godly. Everything was explained properly and the series finally ended on a satisfying note. Menma was finally sent off to heaven or nirvana or reincarnation or something. The space busters finally found peace.

One thing this series did well is character development. Not character changing personalities or the way they treat other people, but the development itself. We got to know all the characters in this series in such a short period of time, and when I mean know I mean KNOW. The series made us seem that we can see through them and how they will react to certain situations. Anohana excels on this.

Well there is still one more post, the review and I’ll get back to it later. Also, I’m not as mad at Noitamina anymore.


A sad day for tutturu fans. . .

ūüė¶ at Episode 12 of Steins;Gate. I like Tutturu. Proper post later. I just wanted to share my grief of the incident that happened in this episode of Steins;Gate that will ultimately change the way I¬†perceive¬†a show. From a series that has a firm grip of it’s story, oh God I can’t wait.

Steins;Gate has reached the gates of Legendary.To cross it or not though is another matter.