To Aru Kagaku no Railgun – Chapter 41

Tokiwadai Queen threatens Mikoto and all she cares about is how big her boobs are compare to hers. God I love Biribiri.

Well it’s cute how Mitsuko finally found her friends, but the plot with Tokiwadai Queen looks like it’s gonna be awesome. It looks like Saten was right on how Level 5 are full of themselves because Queen is exactly like that. Mikoto though is awesome this chapter, as she always is every chapter. I just love her sense of justice which is mixed in her Tsundere-ness; subtle yet sturdy (Unlike some other protagonist in A certain other series which does nothing but preach and punch).

I did miss Kuroko this cahpter. Actually I miss all four of them being together. This was the reason why I liked the anime so much, because it really build their friendship there.