Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

My latest dose of Kyaa and Dawww

Well most of you do not know this but I’m a big fan of KYAA AND DAWW. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is like Yankee-kun to Megane chan and Kare Kano half breed. It’s a very refreshing manga.

One thing this series has is its straightforwardness. The main leads Shizuku and Haru really hit it off from the start. Heck we already got a confession by the first chapter! The series never goes astray from their main characters which is also an appeal. The main characters themselves are very straightforward. They’re very. . . human I guess. Certain scenes where both are already hot and blushing, they’re still very blunt with what they say.

Shizuku and Haru are very fun characters. It’s so awesome seeing Haru completely win Shizuku off her socks. Well you’d expect from a shoujo manga that she’s already been won over by the bishie male lead (By the way no one even treated him like one until Shizuku told him to smile. That was really lol) but she’s still has ground which is pretty awesome. They’d just fly off jokes like ” Didn’t you say you like me” or “I lied I don’t like you” or just plain rejecting because she’s being bothered by him. You can really see though that they like each other way too much.

Well the most shallow yet the most important thing I look forward to in mangas like these are the blushing. This series has a truckload off it. Gahd I fucking love this manga. It’s your shojo romantic comedy fair that’s actually not trashy and repetitive for once.

Hanasaku Iroha – 08

Those fucking train scenes are cheating. Why does awesome shit have to happen in trains?

Stuff to point out this episode:

They finally ditched the one-shots.

You know, Okami-san is actually a very awesome character.

That annoying girl from episode 6 is a recurring character? Shit.

Pervert novelist is starting to look more and more like Yamakan.

Biggest surprise (not really but ebdfesdfsdf) of all KOU’S FINALLY GOING TO SEE OHANA. IT WILL BE TEH SHIZZZ.

Ano Hana – 06

If Anohana had faces like Maya’s this show would even be more awesome.

Stuff to point out this episode:

I wanna see Yuki-chan crossdress again.

Poor anal-chan getting into trouble because of that Love Hotel thing, which Yuki-chan smoothly prevented.

Jintan managed to at least have one “Moment of Awesome” with his save on Anal-chan.

Menma’s mom is starting to look a bit whacked out. It really must be hard to have your child dead.

The follow-up with Menma crying that she wants her mom to forget her teared me up a little *sniff*.

What the hell is with “Anal-chan is a virgin” joke. You’re all virgins anyway.

Uncurrency Anime – Haibane Renmei

This series has very nice artwork.

Well, I gobbled this up in one day. I looked at the premise and was very intrigued. The artworks I’ve seen for this series are very intriguing too, seeing people with wings and halos. I started this series thinking very positively. Also I thought this series would look nice in my recommended titles.

Well I’m quite disappointed over this. By no means was it horrible but it wasn’t particularly great either. The story starts off with a girl falling from the sky with some crow. Then she popped out of a cocoon and was taken care off by the “Old Home”. She started sprouting wings and she was given a halo. She was also given a name, “Rakka”, which meant falling. They led everyday lives, with hints of plot like how the man in the clock tower said that he was afraid that one day the Haibane would fly far away, or the wall which no one can go inside or outside except the Toga. One can think that the town is being protected, but another way to think about it is that they are trapped in like a prison. This thinking is what made the second half of the series.

The people in this town are eerily nice. It seems that no one really cares that they can’t go outside, it’s more of them being protected. Even more so for the Haibane as they never complain about the limitations they have been set to do. The Haibane are usually thankful and it was a trait that I really liked about the series. Well until the middle half started.

Plot kicks in, one of the Haibane, Kuu, was satisfied and was able to move on (Very Angel Beats style). This is when I started not liking the series. I get that Rakka was sad, but it was so dragged on (about 4 episodes and this is a 13 episode series) I almost cringed. It didn’t help that the mood was getting somber as winter passes on and that her wings started going black (another new plot). There’s two types of drama. Realistic ones and melodrama. This goes into the melodrama pile. Wait, I don’t hate melodrama yet why do I not like this part of the series? Because there are two types of melodrama. One which actually goes well with the theme of the series (Toradora) and one that seems very out of place. Haibane Renmei falls to the latter. It’s like Rakka started becoming a bit more emotional than usual and her vocabulary increased! I’m sorry I just didn’t like that part.

After that, it just goes downhill. From Rakka drama, they move on to Reki drama, and it had much more DORAMA. Unlike Rakka’s though which felt out of place, this somehow fitted Reki. Her angst did not feel out of place. Wait, but why do I hate it? Again it dragged on a bit too much. By episode 13, I was gnawing my eyeballs out. Still though, I have to commend this series for having a very conclusive ending. While I hate the ending episode itself (Reki dorama really got on my nerves), the way it eneded was very conclusive and fitted for what the series is.

It was still worth watching, but this series just doesn’t fit well with me. I guess it’s not my type of series.The first half was pretty good I guess, but the dorama and plot of the second half was pretty awful. It’s still very well constructed but it’s just not my thing I guess.

Rational Rating:

Story: 40/50 (Well constructed but I did not like it)

Characters: 16/20 (I liked most of them at first but they ruined Rakka a bit with her “character development”)

Production: 17/20 (Actually pretty good for a 2002 show)

Overall Feel: 7/10 (Not bad; just not my thing)

Verdict: 80/100 (Good first half, Bad second half depending on how you perceive it. I still like the series a bit though even with the issues I have with it.)