3 after 3

The top 3 in my opinion for the season based on the scores that I gave are:

3. Hourou Musuko

A really good story of the hard life of pubescent middle schoolers who have gender issues. There’s a lot of drama and angst between the characters and I’m really loving it as I’m chugging along this series with a cup of tea. The animation is very nice too and the art is GORGEOUS. Sakura petals on the first episode, rain on the third episode… really great.

Score so far: 25/30

2. Level E

Hilariously funny in a very dead way. Prince really riles up everyone and makes out a fool of them. The whole 3 episodes was just a prank for his satisfaction. Really awesome guy. Yukitaka also doesn’t back down with the back and forth bickering with the chief and Prince. The humour reminds me of Arakawa under the Bridge with the characters inducing the laughter though Level E is a lot funnier (Not that Arakawa is worse at any means) and I’m having fun with this now. Animation is hilariously good too as they try to have some effects look old (explosion in episode one) because the source of this series is very old. I’d say animation-wise this is very clean cut and smooth and one of the highest quality animation this season.

Score so far: 26/30

Mahou Shoujo Madoka

At first it was the art that was pulling the series with its awesomeness and daringness but after one episode everything picks up and by episode 3… BOOM. Lots of conspiracies from the fans are formed and lots of guessing and speculation are happening right now. Mami’s death brought the series to an extreme high because of how fast it is. This show is definitely not for little children and everything is scarily deep in this series. I’ve watched episode 4 but I’m scoring it next week and I must say this series is getting darker and darker.

Score so far: 27/30


Kmi ni Todoke Season 2-24 pts., Fractale-22 pts., Zombie-24 pts.

High Expectations:

Fractale, Index II-20 pts. (I’ve heard the LN fans say that the next arc would be awesome)


Gosick-19 pts., Beelzebub-20 points, Bakuman- 20 pts.

Week 3!

The Awesomeness:

Mahou Shoujo Madoka 3: 10/10

Shit just got real folks. Kyuubey is EEEVIL and Mami is gone. For good. AGGGGGG. THIS IS THE SHOW OF THE SEASON FOLKS.

Level E 3: 9/10

That was just hillarious. Prince really is the awesomest character ever with how far he goes with tricks. And the Diskonians with their baseball. I knew it!

Fractale 3: 9/10

Shit also got real here like Madoka’s episode 3. Priestess getting killed with shotguns, people getting brainwashed, which side is better… so many questions are popping in my mind. The CG Mothership looked really awesome too. A nice surprise with the change of pace.

The Greats:

Kimi ni Todoke S2 2: 9/10

The last scene was awesome.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? 3: 8/10

More intrigue with the new girl showing. The whole episode was hilarious.

Hourou Musuko 3:8/10

I liked how they tackled the whole puberty thing plus the genderbending play will be interesting to look forward too. I like the drama parts just a bit better though but this is refreshing as well.


Gosick 3: 7/10

I really would’ve given it an 8 too but some parts of the mystery were a bit questionable even though it was very simple. There were a bit of holes here and there but the feel of the episode was nice. Victorique is cute too.

Beelzebub 3: 7/10

Same hilarity with the milk and all. Its pretty funny.

Index II 15: 7/10

This arc isn’t particularly interesting but some parts were really hilarious. I’ll put this back to a 9 when Mikoto appears again. Magic side just isn’t my thing.

Bakuman 16: 7/10

Surprise twist in the end with Mashiro seeing Takagi and Kaya kissing. The sequence of events in the last scene are a bit different from the manga and its the first time I’ll ever say to this series that the anime surpassed the manga in THAT scene. THAT SCENE only as the rest of the episode was meh.

Week 1 and 2 for the Winter Season

Week 1:

Gosick Episode 1: 5/10

Weak start. The mystery is easy to decipher and it just has an essence of stupidity in it. I like Victorique though which is why I’m continuing this.

Beelzebub Episode 1:6/10

Its funny I guess. I’m being kind by giving it a 6 really. Its what gags in SJ are like. I do hope it gets better cus I’m also sticking with this.

Fractale Episode 1: 6/10

Letdown. It is pretty intriguing with the hints of a new perspective in beliefs and all with no one owns a house anymore and Phyrine is quite interesting but it was a boring first episode for me. I do trust this gets better though which is also why I’m sticking with this.

Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 1: 7/10

It is a solid recap. I just don’t like Ume which is th reason for me preventing this from getting an 8.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Episode 1: 8/10

The plot is a bit slow (kinda like how Nanoha started) but the animation is just :-o. SHAFT and Shinbo finally got their act straight and the action scenes are just pure awe. If I’m grading by visuals this is definitely a 10. 8 is still high though and I can see a great premise with this one.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Episode 1: 8/10

Surprisingly good and funny. i thought this would be your average moe/harem show but no. Its a zombie who became a Masou Shoujo. This is just epic lulz which is why I’m giving it a solid 8.

Level E Episode 1: 8/10

Unlike Beelzebub which is a fellow Jump series, Level E is scarily funny. The gags are deadpan and just. Wow that was funny. A solid 8 for me.

Hourou Musuko Episode 1:8/10

Surprisingly deep. Reading the premise and looking at the promos I thought it would be just a light hearted show with a guy who likes cross dressing but NO. Its deeper than that. All the characters have weird personalities and there is a huge drama flaming between the characters. The sakura at night scene was exceptionally dramatic and pretty. Another solid 8.

For the continuing series:

To Aru Majutsu no Index Season II Episode 13: 6/10

Aargh.Rage. Just. F*cking firework display.

Bakuman Episode 14:7/10

Its picking up I guess. This was an especially good chapter in the manga which is why I kinda liked this episode. Eiji and Ashirogi Muto finally met. I can’t wait to see the other Manga-ka’s A solid 7 is good for this one.

Week 2:

Gosick Episode 2: 7/10

Finally its picking up. The mystery is still quite predictable but I like the atmosphere built in this episode. Its well executed and Victorique just got cuter. Wahahaha I give a 7.

Beelzebub Episode 2: 7/10

A bit better than last week’s episode and I do think Beel is cute. He can be Misaka Mikoto’s son after all that rage thunder blasts he gives.

Fractale Episode 2: 7/10

Nessa’s appearance is a good change of pace and I can feel the premise a bit more with this episode. Yes it is getting better but its still moving slowly. A 7 would be appropriate for this.

Kore wa Zombie Desuka Episode 2: 8/10

Its still consistently funny and the plot is getting a bit deeper. I’m really liking this series. I’ll give it another 8.

Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 1: 8/10

The true episode comes and it is as solid as ever. I especially like the ending scene which shows how slow the pace of Kazehaya and Sawako’s relationship will be like. Valentines Day never got so depressing and sad (in a good way though). Ume and Pin cockblocks this episode though to get a 9 which is why I’ll give it an 8.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Episode 2: 9/10

Plot finally starts and things started to be more explained like what witches are or how you need ta wish to become a Mahou Shoujo. Animation is still top notch and I’ll give this a higher rating of 9.

Hourou Musuko Episode 2: 9/10

It gets deeper this episode with Chiba being thrown into the mix. This is a full-fledge middle school drama with the angsts of puberty filled children. Very insightful series. I’ll give it one more point so a 9.

Level E Episode 2: 9/10

Deadpan variety got even funnier. The flow of humour is just so smooth and Yukitaka is doing his best as a tsukkomi. The prince is just outrageously funny. +1 so 9.

For Continuing Series:

Bakuman Episode 15: 6/10

Haaay. And I thought it was getting better. A very slow episode and very Yawn-ish.

To aru Majutsu no Index II Episode 14: 7/10

Another nice beginning and my hopes are brought up again. Just hope it carries on and not downright suck until the end of the arc.


Bakuman (Episode 14+): 13

Beelzebub: 13

Gosick: 12

Fractale: 13

Horou Musuko: 17

Kimi ni Todoke: 15

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?: 16

Level E: 17

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: 17

To Aru Majutsu no Index II: 13

Hey I remembered to post something

Apparantely its been a LONG time since I’ve been here… Lol I fail as a blogger.

Anyway it looks like I’m reviving this again and this time its just whole Anime Reviewing.

A short list of the series I’m gonna review this month:

Angelic Layer (Good)

Cross Game (Great)

Toradora (I need to comment on this since it looks like I blogged this before :) ) ) (Great)

xxxHolic (Decent)

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (Great)

I’ll also do monthly reviews (if i mange to stay alive) of the currently airing series right now.

Also a Year/Decade post will be posted later.  I’ve always wanted to do one :D .