To aru Majutsu no Index II (END) 85 points

Screw Index and Touma, Accelarator’s more fun.

3rd season? Knowing JC Staff they probably would.

I have a lot of problems with this series (plot, lack of mikoto, plot, LACK OF MIKOTO DAMMNIT) but overall I really do like it. It has a great premise, a bunch of gold characters (MIKOTO MIKOTO MIKOTO) and good production to boot. My main problem is Touma, Index, the whole Magic Side, stupid technobabble (though definitely less this season), Touma’s speeches (Seriously even in the last episode Touma can’t keep his mouth shut. Does he even know that Skillout leader for him to preach???) that Dahaisesai Arc. . . the list continues. Besides the so many things I do not like about this series, there are also things I love about it. The plot can be interesting at times (Especially the last arc) and Mikoto does appear from time to time, and Accelarator’s pretty cool, and there’s good action and a funny Falcon Punch/lolhospital combo scene by the end of each arc. As much as I bitch about this series, I can’t help but watch it the very first thing in a Saturday morning, every week. That’s a plus I guess.

The series did create one of my most beloved characters which is MIKOTO MISAKA. The Science side is always the side that I like, (THIRD SEASON PLEASE) and based on what I watched these past few episodes, the main plOt is getting better and better. I just had to suffer through Dahaisesai though. In fact if a third season ever happens, I might just put it on top of my anime list. Then again, I do want a RAILGUN II to air first. Please screw Shana already JC Staff.

The series has it ups (Mikoto, Accelarator/LO, last few episodes) and downs (Touma/Index, middle episodes), I must admit I love this series. I definitely like it more than Shana so HEY that’s another plus.  I don’t really know what to say but I guess I’ll miss this series on my Saturday mornings.

Rational Rating:

Plot: 40/50 (dem plots, though the last one was very interesting)

Characters: 19/20 (the shining glory of this series, forget Index and Touma though)

Production: 18/20 (JC Staff gives a lot of budget to this series but sometimes they get lazy (if Dahaisesai wasn’t bad enough, the quality there was just… UGH))

Overall Feel: 8/10 (I still love this series so yeah.)

Verdict: 85/100 (B, I bash it so much yet it still gets a good score. . . WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME!?!?)

*Screw episode by episode rating, I’m putting rational rating on each series. . . if anyone even cares.


Index II 23

100% refresahing. Apparently he’s the cOOl guy in class. He can order the class to go to a sukiyaki place by his words. Kazehaya would be proud of you.

Moving to the more intense part of the episode, we get to see a glimpse of GROUP. Accelarator, Tsuchimikado, Biribiri stalker, and that LOSER. Quite an awesome team if you ask me. LOSER was pretty cool with her antics though Kuroko’s movements are still funner to watch. Accelarator on the other didn’t even need to show how awesome he is because gah HE’S FUCKING AWESOME. Touma’s still as dumb as ever though and he even unbuttons Himegami’s bra. Gah.

The sheer awesomeness of this episode makes up for Biribiri’s absence. I think I’m getting to a point where it’s okay not having her around if the story keeps on getting better and better like this. Though still I’m on the [this series would be better with her in it] and I doubt that’ll ever change. Someone announce Railgun II already please.

Verdict:9/10 (Great way to start a new arc. . . wait there’s one more episode left?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?)

Index II 23 delayed for a week

And AT-X gets the first airing for it…. which means horrible RAWs. Aargh.

So the three series I anticipate the most every week (Index, Madoka, KnT 2) are all delayed. Ronery week for me. At least I still have my Pokemon Black to keep me busy. Goddamn those Lv 65 Clefairy.

On a side note Shinbo wants to do a Madoka 2, this time Slice of Life version. I want more Madoka but please not as a slice of life. I can already see how horrible that will be.


Well finally that ended.

Though the whole arc was awesome in itself, this ending was … weird. Touma started preaching again in an annoying way (though his reasons are good this time) and Index just ignored Accelarator when she saw him getting beat up badly. Or maybe Touma really is just annoying and Index is dumb. Oh well it was still cool.

The number of psychopaths/weird-faced people was just too much for me and the saving fresh faces this episode was Mikoto’s 10-20 second scene and the other new antagonist Acqua. Though I do question why Introduce another villain two episodes away from the ending of the series cough*Season 3*cough? Maybe we could have a sane villain with better reasons this time rather than a bitter onee-chan who blamed amusement parks for her screwed up life.

I do wish that they extended the Accelarator with black wings scene because that was the most intriguing part of this episode. Is he somehow a Level 6 now?

Verdict: 8.5/10 (Weird episode but still good)

Maybe they should’ve spent more time on this.


So Accelarator is so strong now that buildings are like rocks now being thrown?

Three straight thriller episodes of probably the best arc in Index. Ever. I mean the intrigue, the conspiracy, the awesome action, Science Vs. Magic… it’s all here. This is what I expected from Index from the first episode. I mean how awesome can this arc get?

Verdict: 10/10

So this is an angel? Hmmmm…… Hyouka looks sickening here though.

Also this:

hibikiau negai ga ima, mezameteku


Railgun Chapter 39

BIRI BIRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY YOU SO CUTE?!?!?!


So the Sisters Arc officially ends. Damn that was awesome. We got to see Mikoto’s anguish and hardship, Accelarator in a different aspect, Touma with new respect, Sisters more moe side, ITEM. We got to see another level 5 which was a pleasant surprise. I would say this definitely surpassed the novel’s take on this story. It got a lot deeper and things were thoroughly explained. Though part of the awesome experience reading this is knowing the other story too and how it perfectly coincides with one another. I’d like more Uiharu and SATEN though as they were slowly forgotten throughout the arc. I hope they take part in the plot on the next one which sadly will be in two months.

I know right Saten? Why is she so cute?!!?!? I miss you too though Saten.

PS. How I wish Railgun II will come out this year. I want the Sisters Arc animated!!!!!!!! (fanboy mode)


LAST ORDER :((((((

Quite a heavy episode this time around and its actually good. Poor Accelarator and LO. Their lives are complicated.

The episode raises some questions though:

1. Does the monologue in the beginning have something to do in this arc? I mean will a holy being really enter a person? I’m guessing Hyouka but…?

2. Who is Aleister really?

3. What is the conspiracy of ACADEMY CITY? This one is a question I’ve been having a long time ago (since the first arc of S1)

I do hope Touma also gets beaten up badly because unlike Accelarator which was really sad, I’d completely laugh if he gets all bloodied up. No way am I gonna feel sorry for him and Index.

Verdict: 9.5/10 (Nice new plot. Accel/LO gives depth to the series. No sign of Mikoto though)