How to watch Acchi Kocchi

I tried to watch Acchi Kocchi. I went and downloaded 3 episodes. 5 minutes in I was like “Fuck this is boring!”. None of the jokes work, characters are flat, their idea of making you laugh is by drawing caricatures. . . it was terrible! But then I went all the trouble to download three episodes so I came up with an idea on how to watch.

I’m sure most of you have VLC. I fast forward it 1.5x just so I can finally get over with it and drop it. Weird enough, the jokes started working! The timing’s just about right, the interactions suddenly became more upbeat, I actually started laughing a bit. The jokes are still stale but the delivery suddenly became better.

Acchi Kocchi sucks but if you watch it 1.5x faster, it becomes a whole lot funner. I might as well just call this “Acchi Kocchi 1.5x” or something. I don’t recommend watching Acchi Kocchi, but if you’re a daring fan, I recommend watching Acchi Kochi 1.5x.

Best place to thrive in – AS Forums, MAL, or ANN?

I’d say if you’ve been an anime fan long enough, soon you’ll start wandering of different places to see opinion of other people who watch anime. The anime fandom welcomes you with the three biggest places, Anime Suki Forums, My Anime List, and Anime News Network (sure there’s others but I’d like to stick to these three to make a point). Which is the safest place to thrive in?


Anime News Network

Anyone can be easily drawn to this site, especially us gaijin. But goddamnit, do not wander off more than the news! Do not participate in the forums. This is not a good place to thrive in as a fan. YOU WILL BECOME PRETENTIOUS. A lot of people in this site are incredible pretentious hypocrites. They hypnotize you with what an anime fan should be. FANSUBS ARE EVIL! Pay off your own anime merchandise! We are the best because we are willing to wait for years for this certain 12 episode anime to come in. Then the hypocrisy comes in and you realize they themselves need fansubs. Not all anime are licenced. They hate fansubs yet they depend on it. I read once in the forums that there’s this Moderator that tried to defend not using fansubs. He said that just because they use it doesn’t mean they like using it. Stop, STOP!

More warning: Oldfags who still think Akira and Macross are the best anime ever and anime today are shit thrive there too.

ANN is good for news though . . . I go there daily to see announcements.


My Anime List

MAL is a bit bearable than ANN when it comes to commenters but god oh GOD they’re fucking stupid. At least in ANN people have brain cells, but most commenters in MAL do not. Or at least they delete it when they start typing on their keyboard. When Little Busters was announced to be animated by JC Staff, everyone in MAL was OUTRAGED! I think there was one poster who went out and broadcasted that he/she (probably a she) will make an online petition for this monstrosity to be deleted! Yet when you keep reading deep in the forum, you realize that not many people even know what the hell JC Staff is, or what a production studio is. They just didn’t hear their masters KyoAni (who some of them don’t even know what this is besides “they’re fucking awesome) so they’re outraged. They’re just outraged. That’s it.

Well at least they’re not hypocrites, its just that the lack of brain cells is a bit disturbing. If you want to thrive here then its okay but make sure you have a brain! There are still decent people there. Plus you get to create your Anime List so you can keep track of your animus (notice the OUTRAGED FANS’ MAL and you’ll laugh like hell).


Anime Suki Forums

I’d recommend this best though you do need to have a bit more knowledge in anime to participate in posting. I suggest lurking for a while, get used to everyone’s grove then start posting. Of course I’ll recommend this since I thrive here but I do have some problems with the site.

I’ll attack the good points here. Generally the people here are like a mix of ANN and MAL. Not too pretentious yet not too brain dead. You’ll get the best opinions here. You can make decent conversations. There’s different categories and topics in which you can comment on.

Bad points go to the rep system. People can neg rep you if they didn’t like what you posted (similarly they can up your rep if they like your post) so technically trolls are limited. But the system is incredibly flawed and abused. If you post something negatively, even though you weren’t trolling and just trying to cross off what you thought, then there will be people who’ll neg rep you. Why? Because they didn’t like your opinion. It’s opinionated so technically no mods can counter so that’s where the flaws come in.

So yeah, for AS Forums, you have to have a little bit more anime experience than the norm. You also have to lurk in a bit. They raise healthy anime fans though, the ones you’ll like or at least I like, so I definitely recommend AnimeSuki.


I think I tried this stunt before though with MAL VS. Sankaku but I really wanted to get this thought so yeah . . .

Billy Bat

After finishing reading Pluto and watching Monster, I went ahead and attacked more of Urusawa’s works. Billy Bat is a very contrived series. Urusawa now concentrates on history and how he can put different conspiracies in it.

The series is about Kevin Yamagata who draws a comic called Billy Bat. He gets notified that someone from Japan has the same character design and he thought that maybe he got the Billy Bat idea from what he saw when he was in Japan a few years back. He goes to Japan again to figure out who’s the author and maybe ask permission to use it. Little did he know that the Billy Bat character that he’s using spans for generations, even probably before Jesus Christ and its surrounded by different murders, mysteries and conspiracies.

Everytime Urusawa attacks a certain part in time, I always have Wikipedia ready. I’m not exactly familiar with Japan’s history but I’m really surprised that the Shimoyama incident is actually real and I got creeped out a bit. Same goes for the whole Francis Xavier, the first disciple, Oda Nobuaga. . . Urusawa weaved it so well, you can’t tell the difference between real and fiction anymore (except the bat of course which in all honesty is hard to believe).

I really had fun with the whole Lee Oswald and JFK arc. Urusawa really took all the conspiracies, played with it, added his own conspiracies, blown it up a bit, added Billy Bat to the entire scenario and my god was it magnificent. Urusawa really researches everything (or maybe he has a knack of raping Wikipedia) and I love the little bits of details here and there that she adds.

I still like Pluto a bit more than this, but Billy Bat is really interesting, especially if you love conspiracies. It’s still ongoing though (70+ chapers) so you have to wait patiently afterwards.

The mystery of Natsu no Arashi’s unpopularity

Remember this show? It aired in 2009, a season before Bakemonogatari. It’s an adaptation by Jin Kobayashi of School Rumble fame. The production team is SHAFT. There’s supposed to be at least a legitimate interest for this. Mysteriously though, no one gave a fuck.

. . . Why?

I really can’t fathom how not a lot of people know this anime. Maybe when it aired, people were turned off immediately? The first episode was a bit of a troll. Then again so is this season’s Dusk Maiden of the Amnesia yet not a lot of people are turning their backs here.

I’m not saying Natsu no Arashi is a hidden masterpiece or anything but its just so mysterious that not many people watched it. What’s weirder is that it even got itself a second season (knowing SHAFT though it was probably split cour but still).

Spring 2012 Impressions + Early April Roundup

Lumped it in together because I’m not gonna repeat the same shit again next week.

Hold: Mouretsu Pirates



nada for now


18. Zetman 7.7

American stylized anime never works but I thought Zetman could pull it off. It didn’t and to make it worse, it proceeded with a very fast pace leaving you with, “what the hell did I just watch?”. Yeah Zetman’s pretty bad but it’s still slightly watchable.

17. Dusk Maiden of the Amnesia 7.7

I like the directional quirk of the first episode and I saw a little bit of Natsu no Arashi in it which is a good thing. Second episode killed the shit off my brains as it proceeded to terrible character interactions and very been-there-done-that fanservice. No, accidentally groping someone’s breast just doesn’t cut it in 2012 anymore. You need to be more creative than that (and that’s coming from SILVER LINK which is supposed to be creative). I’ll give it a few more episodes but seriously, episode 2 was horrendous.

16. Medaka Box 7.9

I’m leaving this while I still can. I remember the manga becoming way too conflicted and having too many “powers” after a while. Still these episodes I watched were pretty good.


15. Accel World 8.0

Imaginative setting combined with too much technobabble and terrible main leads. Index anyone? Accel World does too much telling for its own good and it’s gonna hurt later on. Having a fat shoe as a main character makes it even worse. But hey at least he’s FAT. We’ve always wanted those useless main leads to be fat and ugly, well at least Accel World has a nerve to make him FAT.

14. Saki – Episode of Side A 8.0

The episode side A spin off misses a lot of points that makes Saki work. You do not just breeze through the mahjong part and keep building off. What is Saki without mahjong? Why are you building up so much yet fail to what you build up the episode prior? I’d really like to address more on what makes this spinoff “off putting” so maybe I should make a post about that.

Still building up IS still build up and it’s hard to shrug off the excitement even though you know it’s not going to deliver.

13. Kuroko’s Basketball 8.2

This is incredibly embarrassing to watch. Too much cheesy lines, too many weird techniques, and a sense of realism in the game is totally gone. At the same time though, this is incredibly fun to watch. Characters keep on thinking about techniques and how they’ll shoot and its incredibly stupid and laughable but at the same time incredibly fun. If there’s a plus though, Taiga and Kuroko play off each other very well (if you say no homo then part of this show’s appeal will weirdly be gone).

12. Lupin III: Mine Fujiko Onna 8.3

Truth be told, I’ve put this on hold. Recently I’ve been watching an anime called Hakaba Kitaro. It’s a different take on Gegege Kitarou, a popular Japanese franchise, and it aired on noitaminA a few years back. It sorta reminds me of this Lupin III. A different feel from the original, a different style, very artistic. The thing is, I couldn’t bring myself to marathon Hakaba Kitarou. I can’t chug it down. I want to appreciate the different visual styles it uses (or the different shit filters) and I really can’t just put a date on when I’ll watch it. Same goes for Mine Fujiko. I want to appreciate the different details in its styles much MUCH more slowly. I don’t want to put a date on it.

Besides the unique style though, Mine Fujiko is just your normal detective/thief story. The series is nothing special besides the amazing production values.

11. Shirokuma Cafe 8.3

It’s a hit or miss kind of series but when it hits, it really hits. I also love the laid back style of the jokes. It fits perfectly to Panda’s personality.


(2) 10. Aquarion EVOL 8.5

Aquarion has been proceeding in fluctuating quality. There’s really boring, repetitive, scenes then suddenly they follow it up with amazingly weird ones like that Super Dimensional Punch back to the Original Aquarion scene after Zessica shouted “chuuki” in which everyone reacted in really funny ways. I love EVOL but stop fucking boring me from one scene then amazing me on another!

9. Hyouka 8.5

I hold off giving an impression from Spring because I was waiting for this show. I was relatively hyped up for this since I generally like most things KyoAni pop up. Plus I got a real treat last year when they tried something pretty different from what they do with Nichijou and its absurdist ways. Unfortunately Hyouka isn’t really trying much to set itself apart from its genre. It felt like a more subdued, realistic version of Haruhi . . . which isn’t all that bad.

Major complaint goes to characterization of the male lead. Stop repeating that he’s “low energy” we already got it when you first mentioned it! In fact you didn’t even have to mention it in the first place! The scriptwriting concentrates heavily on narrative which gives a few scenes WAY TOO MUCH BABBLE. Still that won’t be a bad thing anymore once they start tacking the mysteries.

The animation though is something you can never diss with KyoAni. This looks fucking amazing. It’s like the disappearance movie animation except its 21 episodes. Realistic fluidity + detailed backgrounds + detailed everything + a slight touch of artistry really equals the best animation this season. You can hate on KyoAni all you want, but I’d gladly defend them when it comes to their animation.

8. Space Bros. 8.6

Space Bros. is very inspiring. They continue showing off Mutta and his battle to finally get back on track in his life and follow what he has always wanted to do which is becoming an astronaut. The sense of realism like sibling love and being the older one is really played well here.

7. Jormungand 8.7

I really haven’t watch that much war dramas but from the little that I did (Phantom), I absolutely loved. Jormungand is completely different from Phantom though, and I love the stylish, sexy and fun way of delivering its plot. Koko is fucking loco. Her personality is indefinable (kinda like Johan from Monster). You just know something weird is gonna happen once she puts on an evil smile.

6. Eureka Seven AO 8.8

I really need to watch Eureka Seven. It’s one of those anime you absolutely need to watch because it’s apparently a definition of what anime is. I kinda got a glimpse of it here on AO and if there’s anything I can say, it would be that I’m really excited for this. If they do it correctly, AO could reach heights that I have not seen in a mecha anime before. Also the animation is glorious. 2D mecha done like this really is the way to go.

5. Tsuritama 8.8

The level of creativity in its animation is amazing in itself. Kenji Nakamura is a genius. Sure [C] was a bit of a fail at times but its premise is really great and its unique take on economics surprised me. Tsuritama is far from what C is though. It’s more close to Kimi to Boku except it isn’t boring. There’s aliens, ducks, mind controlling water guns. Plus there’s great characterization and they actually feel like actual teenage boys (Kimi to Boku’s boys felt like those genderbent characters fans like to make).

4. Sanakarea 8.8

One of the two big surprises this season, Sankarea’s first three episodes were really solid. Nice exposition, clever directing, incredible visuals . . . it’s a complete package for an introduction! Really though, hat’s off to the directing. This wouldn’t be nearly as good if the directing wasn’t top notch.

The only thing detracting it now is some fans.

3. Sakamichi no Apollon 8.9

Really, really solid first two episodes. It delivered on what I expected (and I expected a lot) and even gave a bonus on amazing instrument playing scenes. Seriously, ANIME ISN’T SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!

If I did have a complaint, it would be the OP. This was the anime comeback of YUKI for me and it presented itself too. . . healing. I did read that Yoko Kanno composed it so maybe it’s her fault. I really just wanted to hear that girl who sang on Honey and Clover. Heh.


2. Fate/Zero 9.1

Amazing comeback. First they topped Ionian Heratoi with Saber’s Excalibur as the most visually stunning Noble Phantasm yet. Then they proceeded to question Saber’s morals and what chivalry really is. Is a battlefield better than hell or is it hell in itself?

1. Mysterious Girlfriend X 9.4

This is the second big surprise of the season. I really just can’t put to words on why it’s good. Certainly the directing is top notch (reading a fair bit of the manga myself), also the production quality, especially the music. MGX is really best served experienced. You need to watch it, get past the saliva and be amazed on how big of a throwback this is.


MGX is really really close. . .


I’d say this season is really good. It could even beat last spring’s bonanza and I already have one series that I LOVE (MGX). It really started off with a bang, with Space Bros. premiering early, then Fate/Zero, Sankarea, Mysterious Grilfriend X, Jormungand . . . noitminA added 2 more then Ao and then last but not the least, Hyouka. And even then, there’s still good series below the really good ones like Shirokuma Cafe, Lupin III and Kuroko’s Basketball. Heck Accel World and the Saki spinoff ain’t so bad.

If last season everyone’s praising how there’s so much good directing that terrible premises ended up to be good shows, much more so this season. We have Watanabe’s comeback, that doraemon movie director blowing everyone’s hats off with Space Bros and MGX, the Sankarea director who has a false name and apparently worked with SHAFT, FMP director, Kenji Nakamura . . .

It’s a good time to be a anime fan. Everyone should soak this up now while they can since Summer’s looking sorta bleak.

side note: I lost at the first round of the Aniblog Tourney. Oh well Trzr23 is a great blog (and weirdly people have been saying our blogs are identical) and since it beat me, it should proceed to win the entire thing (or else I’ll be shamed!). I actually thought I’d lose badly and people would criticize my blog heavily, but I didn’t (even lead the match for a few hours) and apparently PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKE MY BLOG.

Otaking shares thoughts on illegal copying

From ANN

First of all Otaking, fuck you.

Secondly, not everybody actually has it easy when it comes to buying anime products. I live in a place where the only anime merchandise you’ll find are fake ones, so am I considered a rank lower if I didn’t fucking buy Bluray Boxsets worth I don’t even want to know because I would have to go all the way and order and if I did I wouldn’t be able to understand shit since there’s no subs? Is it bad that I’m poor?

So if I apparently don’t buy copies of your wonderful anime then I would be compared to a train groper? Yes I know your from Gainax and I fucking love Gainax, but I wouldn’t even know what Gainax is or what their shows are if I wasn’t that person you’d compare to a train groper. Oh but who cares since you don’t get profit! But then I don’t have money so that must mean I’m just some poor train groper who don’t deserve those Japan cartoons. Poor people who don’t have resources to buy unsubbed $500 Bluray Boxes like me should never even be considered as anime fans!

Oh yeah I’m sorry my region isn’t allowed to watch those streams. I guess my whole country should be compared to train gropers.

No Otaking, fans aren’t limited to Nippon and Americaw. Anime is more popularthan that.

(I do realize that if I was in his position, I’d be furious too that I’m stealing what they make but hey. . . I’m not a fucking train groper.)