Mysterious Girlfriend X (END) – 94 points

I’ve proclaimed many times about my love for this series for the past 3 months. Rightfully so because of how mysteriously charming this series is. The plot is revolves mostly around Urabe and Tsubaki and their relationship. The drool exchanging (the main selling point of this series; I don’t know if it’s in a good way or a bad way) is very symbolic in their relationship as it also allows an exchange of emotions and feelings.

What’s surprising about this series is that it’s animated by Hoods, that studio dedicated on making outright anime porn disguised as TV Series (Breast Mutilation Anime, Breastfeeding Anime you name it!). I was damn surprised with how well produced this series is. It won’t win best animation or anything, but I really like the color palette they use (which really brings out the retro feel of this series) and the animation on facial expressions. The soundtrack is amazing, probably the best this year, and it really creates a tone that really only fits a series like this.

The layers of development between Urabe and Tsubaki really brought something new to the table. For once it showed us relationships don’t end with confessions and getting together, which is what most anime tend to do. It explored the difficulties of a relationship through the power of drool. The drool really brings out the feelings both characters have for each other. Another thing very noticeable in this series is how both Urabe and Tsubaki actually talk about what they’re feeling. Highschool romance anime rarely does this (the characters are always secretive with their intentions blablabla) so it’s a refreshing take on how to do romance properly.

I think this series really culminated its development in episode 12 wherein Urabe finally let Tsubaki hug her. That was just sweet. Urabe is a damn fine amazing character. She’s presented as this mysterious girl Tsubaki can’t understand half the time yet when you look closely, all her intentions and emotions are actually pretty normal for a girl. In Tsubaki’s eyes she’s some sort of alien yet when the series turns to her POV, it’s almost as if she’s normal. Almost . . .

This is another anime that will go down as a classic for me. I really enjoyed this series and it’s definitely going down as my favourite this year.

Execution: 36/40 (Directing is top notch, lot’s of symbolisms especially when it comes to drool)

Engagement: 30/30 (Pretty much my favourite anime of the season, faults and all)

Characters: 19/20 (13 episodes of pure development between Urabe and Tsubaki and their amazing refreshing relationship)

Production: 9/10 (Manages to create a tone only fitting for an anime like this. Godly Soundtrack)

Overall: 94/100


Spring 2012 Week 10

Ratings start from (-) which means terrible, until (++++++++) which is bombardastically amazing.

#1 Fate/Zero – 23 : So Fate/Zero has officially ended for me. The inevitable happened. Why? WHY? You will be thoroughly missed Broskander. In other news, the twist on Berserker was so simple yet I cannot believe I didn’t get it until the minute he showed his true self. But I don’t care about the ending anymore (or a little just to see Kiritsugu break himself apart) because Fate/Zero had the audacity to kill my favorite character. At least he died in an honorable way with Gil respecting him all the way through. – (++++++) Amazing

#2 Sankarea – 10 : Best episode so far. They finally explained why Rea’s father is obsessed with Rea’s purity and why he takes naked pictures of her. There’s nothing emotional to it but the way it’s presented is really artistic. The picture frame, the angles, how Rea’s father is presented, the whole step mom story. . . and now it comes to an end showdown with Chihiro and Rea’s father and who took care of her best. Just BRAVO BRAVO – (++++) Cool

#3 Sakamichi no Apollon – 08 : More relationship drama that’s slightly realistic, slightly overblown, slightly grounded -bleargh. Yurika’s a really interesting character or rather, the way she’s presented. I don’t want to know her if she existed in real life since she’ll probably be a know-it-all rich high class bitch but I love how the series presents her in her own eyes. She thinks that she’s the damsel in distress in her world (boohoohoo I’m the 1%) and it’s really a genius interpretation of characters like her. Because of her twisted little view on her life, I actually managed to slightly sympathize with her predicament (especially the part where her dad’s setting her up to some rich guy to whom she’ll probably get a rich pampered living from) and Sakamichi, I salute you for that. – (+++) Excellent

#4 Hyouka – 07 : Chitandael and co. goes to a hot spring and what do we get. Male-service? Oh well, again a really good episode. Hyouka just gets more and more addicting after each episode. – (+++) Excellent

#5 Mysterious Girlfriend X – 10 : Hayakawa’s second appearance just brought this series down to oh so many levels. This is just distasteful. Here I am rambling about honesty in MGX then they suddenly turn 180 and pull off this kind of crap. Ugh this feels like Kimi no Iru Machi again. This episode is also resorting to misunderstandings and romantic frustrations; something that just doesn’t fit this series. UGH UGH. I hope there’s some good resolution to this arc since I’m not really watching this for melodrama and misunderstandings. I pegged this show as something that tries to prove a point and experiment on that point but this episode didn’t do that at all. It’s still a good episode but UGH I DON’T LIKE WHERE THIS IS GOING. Please end with a note that I’ll like MGX. – (+) Good

#6 Saki Achiga-hen – 08 : More buildup and buildup. It’s annoying that I’m still getting excited even though I’m going to get let down a bit. Still I’ve made peace with this fake and I’m just enjoying the heck out of it. It’s nice to see the old characters this episode but then again they were reverted to “building up” devices again. Next episode SHOULD be interesting since we finally see Miyanaga Teru play. I’m starting to get the reason why this series was made. – (+) Good 

Spring 2012 Week 9


Ratings start from (-) which means terrible, until (++++++++) which is bombardastically amazing.

#1 Mysterious Girlfriend X – 09 : It’s the usual MGX flair: I swear the honesty of Urabe and Tsubaki’s relationship is just unrivaled. What stands out though this episode besides Urabe’s twintails is the outstanding direction. I always say MGX has great direction but moreso this episode. The camera angles, the dimmer than usual lighting, the more vibrant than usual movement of the characters. – (+++++) Incredible

#2 Fate/Zero – 22 : Calm before the storm episode. That scene with Rider and Waver was just daaaaawwww. I swear even if I know they won’t win, I want them to win. I was freaked out though with Irisviel’s scene near the end. That was just creepy. – (++++) Cool

#3 Sakamichi no Apollon – 07 : This series really likes to stuff up as much content in one episode. Yurika gets more spotlight this episode in her whole “I’m gonna rebel with my political bandit disowned boyfriend” schtick. Props to the series though in making us see it in her POV and how we really see how she thinks. Kaoru also gets a nod in this episode because on how much he’s changed (or matured) during the course of the series. Great Stuff as usual. – (+++) Excellent

#4 Mouretsu Pirates – 22 : Surprisingly this episode showed us what we expected Mouretsu Pirates to be before it aired. Lots of excellent battle tactics, tricks and explosions. I feel kinda sad that this series is preparing its ending already (like most shows this season) with Marika finally thinking about what to do after high school. – (+++) Excellent

#5 Hyouka – 06 : The teacher-student relationship in Japan bugs me. It’s too uptight and if that sorta thing happened in my class, I’m pretty sure most of us would get angry. A pretty mundane episode, even by Hyouka’s standards, but the execution was just perfect for me to care about what’s going on. – (+++) Excellent

#6 Sankarea – 09 : A slightly heartwarming Mero side-episode. There’s nothing much besides Mero seeing her mom in Rea’s cold hands. I really wonder how they’re going to end this series. There’s only 3 episodes left and it feels like we’re only starting to get to know the characters. – (++) Great

Spring 2012 Week 8

Since I can’t motivate myself to blog a series, I decided to just make make short impressions on a daily basis. It’s less effort and I get to talk about all the shows I’m watching.

Ratings start from (-) which means terrible, until (++++++++) which is bombardastically amazing.

(It does feel like I’m copying someone else style but oh wellzz)

#1 Mysterious Grilfriend X – 08 : I thought the episode was going to be all about BOOBS but they added a little ear fetish too. While BOOBS in anime are always done so generically in anime, here in MGX, it’s used with honesty. Tsubaki telling Urabe everything he’s thinking about was just something you don’t see in anime often. The slapping segment near the end was just amazing too. – (+++++) Incredible

#2 Sakamichi no Apollon – 07 : Ahahaha I loved how everyone started dashing to the auditorium because of the power of music. And for a good reason since that concert scene was gorgeous! I’d say this is one of Apollon’s best episode to date. – (++++) Cool

#3 Hyouka – 05 : So our first major arc ended. I like the twist to the whole Sekitani Jun thing this episode which made a lot more sense than Houtaro’s theory last episode. The lame pun was kinda creepy in a way (which is good). The lengthy exposition style still bogs the character interactions a bit, but it really hits hard on the mystery side. – (++++) Cool

#4 The Legend of Korra – 07 : Well this isn’t anime but this is the only place I can talk about it so why not include it?!? If The Legend of Aang revolves on adventures, Korra revolves around politics. And boy was it really good and heavy this episode. Not as awesome as the last episode but they did make some really great twists. – (+++) Excellent

#5 Jormungand – 07 : That’s some damn fine writing there. Jormungand’s coolness isn’t just about BANG BANG BANG but also on how that BANG BANG BANG is done. Koko and the Chinese guy eats dinner while their subordinates kill each other to death. Some really cool fun shit, one of Jormungand’s better episodes. – (+++) Excellent

#6 Sankarea – 08 : Every Wanko scene really has to be a sexy one eh? Rea was adorable this episode; she really looks great with a ponytail. I realize now that with Rea’s strength, she’d fit well with the Armstrong family! Looking back though, the whole episode was just about Wanko taking a bath, Rea going shopping and another “kidnap Rea” plan by her dad, but the way it was directed hardly makes you realize this. – (+++) Excellent

#7 Aquarion EVOL – 21 : Oh god Brownka’s having so much fun with the whole Shrade X Cayenne schtick. The revelations this episode were the ones I’ve been waiting for since the show started (and has been hinted at since the first OP). One complaint though: The second OP keeps cracking me up, especially when used as an insert song. When you read it, you realize that AKINO’s been shouting “You’re so beautiful, it’s depressing!” at your face for episodes. – (+++) Excellent

#8 Fate/Zero – 21 : That Bike scene was seriously cool. I was just less amused at the other things happening; too much cool people drinking while watching other people suffer I guess . . . and oh god Rider’s countdown to death is coming, aaack!! – (+++) Excellent

#9 Tsuritama – 07 : I don’t really like it when guys slap girls in anime, particularly here in Tsuritama since Natsuki’s sister is such a sweet girl who just want her family to work. The drama and tension between Natsuki’s family is genuine though; still I prefer Tsuritama when it’s being fun (just like life). – (++) Great 

#10 Saki Achiga – 07 : These last two episodes have been pretty entertaining thanks to the director finally realizing that it’s time to actually concentrate on the matches. I’m still not warming up to these impostors but HEY, it looks like Stealth Momo will have a big role next week. – (++) Great