12 Days of Anime – Kininarimasu

Chitanda Eru is Kyoto Animation’s newest embodiment of the perfect moe character. Moe is something that Kyoto Animation lives, breathes, inhales and exhales. The moe formula Kyoto Animation uses is the most polished and Chitanda Eru proudly shows it off in their 2012 Masterpiece, Hyouka.

Slightly googly eyes: Check

Wobbly animated walking: Check

Weird trait that can be turned cute: Check

Cute catchphrase: Check

I’ve learned towards the years that my favorite studio really is Kyoto Animation. While it’s always infuriating that they never veer off far from their expertise (moe), the things they do always catch my attention and more often than not, become masterpieces in my eyes. Hyouka is no exception.